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Our first blog post on Barcelona

Created 01 November 2016

We have just arrived at this marvellous city in Spain. It's been on our list for ages and we look forward to really living the BCN life. Lots of great vibes here. Think about it, there is something for every taste in this city. Somewhat of a mix between a city and a beach town, with the vibe of something between hippies and the typical spanish vibe you get from anywhere.


We have been dreaming for a long time to finally come here and enjoy the Spanish life and at some point even considered moving here straight away. We have never done so though and not sure why, now that we are finally here and absolutely love it already. The food in some places is really to die for. The Ramblas is a great place to walk and roam the streets going into the Barrio Gotico and such. The Plaza de Catalunya in all its glory, always bustling with people walking past here and there. Some crazy street artists that keep you entertained along your walk, but just make sure you dont get pick pocketed!

We will keep you updated as we travel along. We will be departing again soon to visit the Balearics, especially looking forward to Ibiza i must say. So make sure you keep checking our blog!!

The places we've been so far

We keep travelling the globe to spread our message, and of course while enjoying all that travelling has to offer of course!

New York City Great City full of LOVE
Kiev For lack of a better foto, great place!
London Grey city? Not for us, we loved it!
Barcelona City of art and love
Milano City with a LOVE for fashion