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We have arrived in the Balearic Islands!

Created 25 November 2016


OMG we are finally here!

We have arrived in the Balearic Island. For those who do not know where that is. It is a small group of islands (4 really) in the Mediterranean Sea just off the mainland of Spain. We have arrived last Saturday at the Ibiza airport and have been a few places so far. Next week we tend to go to Mallorca and Menorca to experience the beautiful scenery. For now we are enjoying the relaxed vibe here in Ibiza and have just actually made a great discovery. We were actually a bit hesitant as to share this secret... Here goes! It's one of the 4 islands, the smallest by far, called Formentera, where we stayed at probably the most beautiful holiday home, at least I don't recall being at a more gorgeous property...Anyway! It takes a 30 minute ferry trip over from Ibiza harbour and when you arrive something strange happens, at least for us. It was like going back in time in a way. But at the same time it was like we were always meant to come here.

Let me go back to Ibiza first and tell you what we have done so far... Arriving at Ibiza from Barcelona the plain was filled with a very particular mixture of people. From what I like to call high-end people to the most creative of all (random hippy style). We stayed at a little hotel in the main town to be close to everything and rented a car so that we could move around the island. You should definitely do so getting here as it's quite a big island actually! We visited all sorts of places and ate at some of the most gorgeous restaurants around! The Italian restaurant called Locals Only which is in the city centre was by far the best we had in town.


So going back to our little secret called Formentera. We decided that we wanted to stay a couple of days on the island itself rather than going back and forth by ferry. We had a great deal with the guys at This Formentera Villa Agency. The location was perfect and pretty close to the beach as basically all of Formentera really is. The beaches are really something special and so are the people. We have met some great people here that still value the most simple ways of living. The restaurants were mainly all closed when we were there but the ones that were still running were to die for.

That's it for this part of the Balearic islands, keep coming back for our next trip to Mallorca and Menorca!

Why we think the way we think

What is life all about? Should you work your socks off just to make a buck so you can barely pay the mortgage? A lot of people nowadays are facing this issue and from this concern The Texas Pleasure Craft was born. Somteimes you cannot escape reality and just have to face it up front. This can be quite a daunting task if you are not used to this. That is where this group mainly focuses on, preparing you for life's tougher and harder lessons that you will sometimes have to face head-on. When one is prepared this can be so much easier than when one has no idea what is happening and is getting slapped in the face with reality at the moment on the spot.

We have all been there before and at some stage you might have wondered the same thing; How can I overcome this stage in my life without loosing all hope? It all comes from within and this is what our group is all about.

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Created from Love

Our group has been evolved from a small group of people looking to better their lives and the lives of those close to them.

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We travel around the world and our mission is to make people aware of their inner strengths. Join us on our voyage and discover who you are!

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It all starts with you as a person and this is where it will ultimately come down to. Are you ready to start thinking positive and up your game??

Love is all you need

Love for your fiends, love for your family, but above all love for yourself. You are the most important person in your life remember that!

Love is all around

The more we travel and see new places and know new faces, we discover that love is truly everywhere you look. Discover this fact with us as we experience true love.


What is love? A question that you might actually have never thought of, but a very important question to anwser which is why this is always the starting point for us.

The places we've been so far

We keep travelling the globe to spread our message, and of course while enjoying all that travelling has to offer of course!

New York City Great City full of LOVE
Kiev For lack of a better foto, great place!
London Grey city? Not for us, we loved it!
Barcelona City of art and love
Milano City with a LOVE for fashion